I Loathe GoDaddy

Problem: You have GoDaddy as your domain/hosting provider.

I’ve had a few clients in the past that originally had GoDaddy, and I’d run into problems trying to setup and maintain a new website on their server. Truth is, GoDaddy was great as a standalone html server- but as websites are becoming more intricate, with a CMS, and databases, more resources are required by the host. For some reason, GoDaddy has not been able to offer the quality of service that mostly any other company can provide. These service issues create massive slowdowns for the site, and in the end; making you lose money.

They also charge and try to scare and upsell you into services you don’t need. Many of these monthly security charges can easily be done by any web designer by writing one line of code.

The backend is also extremely confusing and frustrating to navigate. Gizmodo also thinks so: http://gizmodo.com/5870672/how-to-jump-ship-from-godaddy-to-a-better-web-host


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